Website Flipping Ninjas

Website Flipping Ninjas
Website Flipping Ninjas
Website flipping is something that so many say that it’s dead, it’s very much alive and it’s still able to make tons of money for the ones who know how to do it right.
This book is going to tell you all that you need to know to make a successful flip, so matter if you have some experience in website flipping or you’re a total newbie, you can be sure that you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know about siteflipping, and most importantly, how to flip a site for a profit!
Inside this ebook you will learn:
Flipping basics – market research and keyword strategyMaking a site shine – on page and off-page SEOAll about creating and monetizing your site – step by step guideSelling the site – What’s the right priceAnd much, much more!
There are tons of ways to flip sites, and there are plenty of niches and the only thing that you need is to invest a bit of work, or to have a quick and easy idea and duplicate it over and over again!
The only thing that you need to do, is to get started, and start making money today!

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2013 Traffic Strategi

2013 Traffic Strategi
I’ve asked hundreds of people what holds them back in their business
and over and over again I hear ONE word…

Yes – it’s like crack cocaine and all marketers seem to be addicted to it.
The more you have – the more revenue you generate.
(Well, not always! But that’s a conversation for another day.)
But the fact of the matter is that traffic is the lifeblood of EVERY online business. Without it – your business dries up like a pothole in the Sahara desert.
Unfortunately, I see most people wasting their time with some REALLY ineffective traffic strategies.
You’ve probably heard of some of these…
Blog commenting (Uhhhhhh – is that really how you should be spending your time?)
Article Submissions – Can we say – soooooooo 2004.
YouTube Marketing – Yes, this can be a great source of traffic but that little video you made on Animoto just ain’t gonna  cut it.
So I hear a lot of people who ‘say’ that they’re doing all sorts of things to try and drive traffic but in reality they’re focusing their efforts in all the wrong places.
I’ve created this article to create a SHIFT in the way you think about traffic.
Over the past couple years I’ve focused on simplifying my business. Zoning in on the critical few tasks that create the MOST results for myself AND (more importantly) for our clients.
While most marketers are trying to cram MORE and MORE into their day – I’m hacking away all the extraneous fluff.
Zoning in the critical few tasks that create 80% of our results.
We want a business that is simple and fun. And so that’s what I’m going to teach you as well.
So forget writing 100 articles. Instead I’m going to show you how to get 1,000+ visitors to just ONE article.
So without further ado, here are my favorite traffic strategies for 2013…
One of the best things you can do when starting your business is to create a 100% commission affiliate program.
This alone will create a perpetual traffic machine in your business. Create a high-quality product and give away 100% of the profits to your affiliates.
Sounds a bit crazy right?
Well – it added over 30,000 subscribers to our list and continues to drive traffic to our site to this day.
I created a product called the ‘Traffic Dashboard’ and gave away 100% commissions.
I can tell you right now that when you give away 100% commissions – it’s becomes VERY easy to recruit affiliates ;)
It’s like a moth being attracted to the light.
We had over 2,400+ people sign-up for our affiliate program.
So I’m pretty sure you can get a couple hundred people to join your 100% commission affiliate program. It’s a pretty easy sell ;)
So now you have hundreds of affiliates sending traffic to your website day in and day out.
Include an exit page off of your sales letter that collects subscribers. Now your adding hundreds (if not thousands) of subscribers to your list each month.

So here’s my secret formula…
Awesome Product + 100% affiliate program + high-converting sales letter = Perpetual Traffic Machine
And just in case you’re wondering… it’s pretty easy to create a high-converting sales letter because this is a low-priced entry product. ($17-$39)
This has become my own little treasure trove.
Facebook is a marketers dream. You can pinpoint and target EXACTLY who you want to add to your list.
Want to build a list of teachers? Facebook will allow you to put your ad directly in front of people who have declared their profession on Facebook as a ‘teacher’. In fact, you can get super specific and just target science teachers, english teachers, or math teachers.
In a matter of weeks you can build a group of fans.
You can also drill down to the exact age group you want. Male. Female. Married. Single. Choose to your hearts desire.
Want to advertise to people who are fans of Jillian Michaels? You can do it! And build a targeted list of fitness/ weight loss prospects at the same time.
Looking to build a list of yoga enthusiasts? You can do it in record time on Facebook by advertising to fans of related yoga pages.
Facebook is quickly becoming one of the best places to build and grow your business.
Plus, we haven’t even talked about how quickly your content can spread on Facebook.
More for another day :)
ALL of your marketing efforts should be working towards putting people on your subscriber list. That means AT LEAST 80% of your traffic should be directed to a squeeze page where you give people a valuable free gift in return for their name and email.
The other 20% of your traffic will go towards your blog. Traffic from sites like Facebook and Twitter are a perfect example. Just make sure your blog is designed to convert visitors into subscribers. We’ll talk more about that in upcomging articles.
But the point here is that your subscriber list is THE #1 asset in your business. If you’re not building a subscriber list – you’re not building a business.
80 – 90% of your profits are made on the BACKEND via your followup emails. TRUST is the foundation for every sale.  And one of the best ways to create that trust is by sending 2-3 fun, entertaining, value-driven emails every week to establish preeminence in your market. You become the trusted advisor in your market.
With an engaged list of subscribers – you now have traffic on tap.
We personally drive thousands of visitors EVERY time we send out an email. THAT’S the power of email.

You can then turn those subscribers into Super Fans by combining the power of…
You now have an incredible opportunity online to quickly and easily spread your content and your message to thousands of people.
With the explosion in popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus – it’s now easier than ever before to spread your content and drive traffic to your website.
Social media has ‘supercharged’ traditional word-of-mouth.
Now… that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen overnight. But – if you have great content. If you’re providing lots of value (on a consistent basis) then social media is one of the most powerful distribution points.
It’s doubly powerful when you combine it with email.
When you integrate 2-3 weekly emails, plus engaging with your audience on sites like Facebook and Twitter – that’s when you create Raving Super Fans!!
Connect and engage daily on at least 3 different platforms.
One of those MUST be email.
Here are a few powerful combos I recommend:
Email + Facebook + Twitter
Email + Facebook + Google Plus
Email + Facebook + Pinterest
Now – which 3 you choose is going to depend largely on your particular market. WHERE exactly are your people hanging out online?
For example, if you have a scrapbooking site then your tri-combo should include Email, Facebook, and Pinterest because those are the MAIN platforms where women scrapbookers are hanging out.
But when you start creating content and engaging with your fans on a DAILY basis, that’s when you’ll start gaining momentum.

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Article Architect will help you research niche topics, find loads of information about the topic so you can write great articles, will help you write the articles and keep track of them, and even help you submit them to as many article directories as you want.

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Keterangan daftar isi dari kumpulan forex trading bagian 1

Keterangan daftar isi dari kumpulan forex trading bagian 1

Learn to trade Forex like a Bank Trader...
"Bank Traders are Range Traders"

"This system will help you join the Traders who make REAL MONEY in the Forex Market!"

First, a Few Truths about the Forex Market...

If you trade Forex without a system - you will lose! You need a system and good money management to have an advantage in the market.
The market is always right. When you win it's always because you followed the market. Your trade will not affect the market, so why try and go against the trend. "run with the bulls" and "follow the crowd"
90% of traders will give their money to the 10% who know what they are doing. The Forex market is a zero sum game. The 10% who know what they are doing will happily take your money - nothing personal. They have no emotion! That is why they are successful!
The Forex market is $3-trillion a day market driven by the banks There is a lot of money flowing through the market. The tiniest piece of this pie is enough for your wildest dreams!
Most traders with a system lose because they over trade. When you over trade, you are not following the rules. You think you can time it better, or, you feel lucky and trade larger positions. You will always get burned.
These are the simple truths about the Forex market. Truths are usually gained from experience and always cost you more that you bargained for. Use our tried and tested experience to your advantage and become one of the 10% who make real money.

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi, my name is Dave, and I have been involved in the Forex market for quite a few years, but not in the way you'd think;  My background is in Real-Time Systems Analysis and Development.
I work with a number of professional traders who teach me their systems, and I would automate, test and analyse their theories and assumptions.
The reality is, to find 1 theory that is useful, we would have to test at least 100. The result of this exhaustive process would lead us, time and time again to a simple conclusion...
The simpler the theory, the more consistent the gains.
It doesn't get any simpler than trading ranges!

What is Different About This System..

  • Most EA's you buy you don’t really understand. The mechanics are always a "secret"......yet you buy them.
  • Many use excessive risk models yet you will put them on your live account immediately because they looked impressive?
  • Many use complicated indicators which only work in certain market conditions.
  • Other EA's don’t offer you flexibility
  • Do you watch the news channels?
Here's how we do it...
  • We design automated trading tools that traders understand!
  • We teach you the concept and set you free to explore the options for yourself.
  • We give the trader full control and understanding of the automation capabilities.
  • We give you the flexibility to change any of the variables to suit your needs.
  • We give you a custom indicator to do your own highly accurate visual back testing.
  • We help you take the emotion out of trading!! The system has no emotions. Let it trade for you.
  • We call the "News" channel the "History Channel"

Some examples of great trades...


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Tube Increaser is the #1 software for increasing YouTube video views!
There is no need for long and frustrating hours of promoting your videos.
Send automated messages and comments to your target audience on the fly! The opportunities are endless! Get more comments, honors, subscriptions, ratings, views and much more!

Tube Increaser is a fully customizable software that allows you to send channels, video comments and personal messages to anyone you wish with one simple click! With Tube Increaser you are able to select your target audience by either doing a search on YouTube or gathering ID's through any video page.

Once the ID's have been gathered you can then write a message or comment promoting your video or business followed by clicking Send. That's it! Tube Increaser takes care of the rest for you. No more going back and forth manually, sending messages and trying to promote videos yourself. Tube Increaser works for you and sends out the specific message or comment to all the users you have selected.

There are even customizable options:
- Time delay/interval between messages
- Amount of messages (daily limit) to be sent for the day,
- Option to not send to the same person twice.
- Selected random messaging

Tube Increaser is the ultimate answer for all YouTube users seeking to get that well needed exposure. Tube Increaser offers you high video views and many other successful results: honors, more comments, increased number of subscriptions, most viewed…

The number of your YouTube video views is so important because of the ranking YouTube has. YouTube search ranks videos according to how many views a YouTube user has. In other words – the more views you have, the more exposure you will get over the other videos that have the same keywords and content. Another important aspect of video marketing is google search. If your YouTube video views have high views, your google ranking of the specific video will increase!

By having sufficient YouTube video views daily, you can now compete with big time YouTube celebrities. This is an important part of creating more exposure for yourself – being able to be seen with high views and highly ranked is one of the key components of becoming successful on YouTube!

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You'll See That Both Videos Are Similar... But Unique (They Show Different Text, Different Music, Effects, Background Clips, Random Images and And Each One Of Them Targets One Specific Keyword - You Can Pass Each Keyword to The Video).

What Makes Mass Video Generator Unique?

We worked hard to simplify Mass Video Generation to the limit, keeping the focus on delivering good looking videos that will look targeted to each one of your keywords (which will help you to boost your conversions) and you can take a look at some of them right here:

Save an Impressive Amount of Time! Get The Job Done In Minutes!

We've Simplified Everything. Even Those Things That Are Time Consuming Like Getting Images For Your Videos or Cutting Long Mp3's, Are Easily Solved With a Couple of Clicks.

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Make All Your Videos Look Good!

Instead of creating plain "Slideshows", MVG has different features to automatically create good looking videos, videos that your visitors will watch (it doesn't make sense to upload lot of videos if people will stop watching them after 2 seconds).

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Make All of Your Videos Look Targeted to Each One of Your Keywords!

Making each video look targeted to your keywords (Relevance), is a second powerful way to call the attention of your viewers and make your videos convert better.

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Database kiriman paket DVD

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