Download gratis Comment Reward Wiz v1.2

The comment reward plugin is a very cool item of software that is designed to make a blog popular very quickly. It works by sending out an email when someone leaves their first comment on your blog. The email to your new commenter explains that you'd like them to make more comments on your blog, and that there are a series of rewards for doing so. It also gives them a link to download a free item you want them to have, and tells themn that their next freebie is when they leave, say comment . We hope you immediately see how powerful this is. There's now a real incentive for your potentially one-off one-time visitor to now become a regular reader and commenter on your posts. When other people see the amount of comments on your posts, then they immediately believe there's something buzz-worthy going on, and decide to leave a comment themselves. They then get an email and they start leaving even more.


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