Presell Crusher is a WordPress plugin that’s engineered to deliver the best customer possible for your offers, whatever they are – whether it’s traditional affiliate marketing products, CPA Offers, T-shirt campaigns, or just your own products! Presell Crusher creates a survey that leads your customer through a few questions that you set up to qualify them for the right offer so the traffic you send has a higher chance of you getting paid.

Who Are We and How Did We Come Up With Presell Crusher? Our names are Pat Friedl, and Adil Amarsi. I’m behind some successful products like LeadJacker,, and FanPageConnect. I came up with an idea to really generate more engagement because I started to see that more engagement equaled more sales, less resistance to buy, and lower refund rates. I knew what to do but I needed the mind of a copywriter who I knew could deliver, had great results and testimonials, and understood the psychology. Enter, Adil Amarsi. I met Adil a number of years ago, and have stayed in touch with him since. He’s gone on to become of the best world class copywriters today having successfully launched numerous amounts of products, so he knew the psychology of what I needed done.

We fleshed out the idea and 6 months later we had our plugin, tested it until every eventuality was tested, then we decided to launch version 1.0 of Presell Crusher.


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