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New in this version: V0.2:
Added a PDF spinner V0.2.1:
Added the spinnable fields Title, Subject, Author and Keywords to the PDF spinner. Also modified the spinning algorithm to generate more random content.

Upcoming features:
WordPress poster
Save a number of spinned articled
Show spinned article uniqueness
Editor word counter
Thesaurus WYSIWYG editor for the pdf spinner

How to use:
Just enter your keyword click scrap and watch the scraper search online article sites from the biggest article sites
Click on the article you want to view from the list and it will pop-up on the built in browser on your right Use the editor to write in your article (or copy paste article ideas)
Use the spinner or pdf spinner to generate spinned articles.
Both spinners work in the common format {spin 1|spin 2|spin 3}. For the pdf spinner write in html code and all your html code can be spinned (see example below). Pdf spinner example: {
This is an Article tools pdf spinner example
Article tools pdf spinner example
} Visit Bottopia


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