Cara gratis mempromosikan ebook dan mendapatkan backlink

Promote Your Book Without Lifting a Finger!

*The First Ever Dedicated Book Promotional App That Automatically:*

  • Submits Your Book to Over 200 Book Review Sites, Catalogs, Free Promo Sites and More, Getting Your Book in Front of 100,000+ Readers!
  • Submits Press Releases For Your Book
  • Builds Backlinks To Your Book, Helping You Gain Rankings, Traffic, and Sales!

The Easiest Way to Get Your Book In Front of 100,000+ Readers Instantly Is To Tell The Biggest Book Sites About Your Book!

The easiest way to get started with your book promotions is to submit your book to one of the hundreds of book promotion sites that exists. Many of these sites have readerships in the 10 to 100 thousands!

Getting your book inside is valuable just to get eyeballs. But it’s valuable for not only that. Check out Ashly’s story:

Ashly Landed Her Book in the New York Times Because of These Sites!

Ashly was submitting her new book to these powerful review sites, promo sites and catalog sites, working hard to promote her book. Well it paid off.
Because she submitted to these sites, she landed herself on the New York Times!
Now I’m not saying that everyone can have that happen to them – it’s possible but unlikely. Regardless, it shows you how powerful submitting to these sites can be. 


KD Promo App

Instant, Easy, Book Promotion!
With KD Promo App, you can easily promote your book. It takes you only minutes to do a full blown promotion. It takes all the tedious work out of promoting your book and makes it fun, simple, fast, and most importantly, effective!

Don’t Babysit – Be Free! App Works Quietly In the Background While You Do Other Things!
One of the things I really wanted to make sure the app was capable of was hands free, 100% “no-babysitting” automated. This means you “fire and forget”. Enter your info, set up the app options and hit “play”.
The app then goes to work, quietly in the background. You can use your computer while the app works. You can leave it to run some errands, watch your favorite TV show, take a nap, or write another book. 
When the app is finished it gives you a nice report, showing you what sites were successfully submitted to, so you know how your promotion is going.

Simple, 3 Step Process
The app is easy to operate. You do just three things:

Simply enter your information…

Decide what sites you want to submit to…

And hit “go”! It’s that easy!

Your Speed “Do It Manually”:
  • Load up site, create account information, enter information into each site. 200+ sites, about 5 minutes per site: 16 Hours Of Work!
  • Add In Press Releases: 2 Hours
  • Backlinking: 2-4 Hours
  • Total Time Without App: 20 Hours of Work PER BOOK!

App Speed:
  • 200+ Sites: An hour or two vs 16 hours
  • Press Releases: 5 Minutes vs. 2 hours
  • Backlinking: 10 to 30 minutes vs. 2 hours
  • All in the background – fire and forget!

KD Promo App Features
  • 100% Fully Automated, Fire and Forget!
  • Automated Captcha Breaking (With Subscription to DeathByCaptcha or others)
  • Save 20+ Hours of Work Per Book!
  • Runs Quietly in the Background, Freeing You To Do What You Want!
  • One Price – Unlimited Books!
  • 200+ Sites When Finished (Plus more being added)
  • And more!
 Video Demo Coming Soon!

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