"So What Makes Facebook Special?"

Facebook is rapidly becoming the most popular and strongest means of social interaction and online marketing. It’s presently the single largest site on the net and so many businesses and internet marketers are using it to push their products and rake in HUGE PROFITS...every single day!

Facebook loves businesses and marketers and as I said before, they are already out there taking advantage of the targeted traffic power of facebook to flood their own sites piggybacking off millions of users every day.

So while you may be utilizing Facebook daily for pleasure purposes, YOUR marketing competitors are using unique tools on the social media to drive hoards of keenly targeted visitors directly to their products/sites and are making large piles of money.

Do You Know...
That Facebook presently has more than 500,000,000 users.
The average Facebook user spends more than 19.5 minutes a day on Facebook.
Facebook gets more traffic than Google.
31% of Facebook users are over 30 years old.
There are over 150 Million people on Facebook with expendable income, and a credit card.




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