Cara membuat software portable

Ingin membuat software portable ?

pertama, download software VMWARE Thin APP

Follow the steps:

1. Download and install the VMWare ThinApp

2. Now Start the VMWare ThinApp.

 [Image: iVCVSip.png]

You can also watch the quick Video in the Start Screen itself.
2. Now click on Next.
It will take you to Prescan option

 [Image: 6nBf1bf.png]

Prescan is the process where the VMWare ThinApp scans the computer hardrive for registry file and initial state of the apps.
So now click on Prescan
It will start prescanning the system

 [Image: do5EH4J.png]

3. After the prescan you need to install the application which you want to create a portable version of it.

 [Image: xnwRnwb.png]

So now install the application.
After the installation of app finishes get back to VMWare ThinApp.
4. Click on Postscan.
When you press postscan you will get a dialog box shows as

 [Image: fgFKc4R.png]
Click on Ok.

5. VMWare ThinApp will start the postscan. It’s the process of scanning the system again for the basic registry or base data of the software which you have installed before.

 [Image: HaJzgRq.png]

6. As the result of Postscan it will display the app which have installed after the prescan.
It your time to select the software which you want to create as portable one.

[Image: 7gkgsP9.png]
Note: For example I have used Microsoft’s Cliplets so I have selected the Cliplets.exe

7. Just click on Next to bypass VMWare Horizon Application manager

 [Image: W7FyPLh.png]

8. Authorize the app

 [Image: BeCltoR.png]

File System isolation mode

 [Image: BZv3Yuf.png]
Just click on Next to bypass this.

9. Now select the type of Sandbox location.

 [Image: UV0pgnr.png]
Note: since I wanna cry the portable in USB drive I selected second option.

10. Click on NO to Quality Assurance Statistics.

 [Image: yR1OeVM.png]

11. Give the name for your portable and location to save.

 [Image: ULvxLh6.png]

By default it stores in “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures”
You can change it by clicking in Browse

 [Image: avvJ1kz.png]

12. Select the installer if you wish click on MSI Package generation.

 [Image: HC11Qa4.png]
Note: I don’t need msi package so I selected the primary container.

13. VMWare will save the project.

 [Image: WPaBjsZ.png]

14. it’s time to build your portable software

 [Image: nQvpAfl.png]
Click on Build
VMWare ThinApp will start building the project.

15. After the build complete it display as

 [Image: bn5w2Rk.png]
 [Image: pSx0VGi.png]
Click on Finish.
 [Image: SWwPLk2.png]
That’s it you have created the Portable Software.

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