What is LiuLiangBao?

LiuLiangBao is really similar to Jingling, it is a traffic exchange bot which surfs websites from other people and they in turn surf yours, such that both parties gain traffic.

How to use:


1. Mass Traffic Sender (Recommended) - Add a Link


2. Get Clicks from Real People - Add a Link


3. Ad Traffic Sender - Add a Link (Clicks the ads on your website)


4. Boost Search Engine Ranking - Add a Link


5. Alexa Ranking Booster - Add a Link

6. Gain Exposure for your QQ Profile (I don't think anyone uses this)
7. Edit Link
8. Exchanging views in progress
9. Exchange of views has been paused
10. Pause
11. Start
12. Delete Link
13. Boost Traffic (Requires paid membership)
14. Rate of gaining traffic (Set it as high, duh. Don't touch it, it is set 'high' in default)
15. Speed up traffic gain for all links running (Requires paid membership)
16. Hide program in the background

To stop LiuLiangBao,


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